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Brian Scott Smith has been making jewelry since studying the art form in high school.  For the past 20+ years, Brian worked for other jewelers honing his craft and is now one of the top wax carvers in the country.  Brian set out on his own in 2012 and opened up his studio in downtown Sewickley above Thomas Jewelers. 

Brian collaborates with clients and jewelers across the country to make a custom piece start to finish all in-house! He works with clients and other jewelers to come up with the design, and crafts it all on his bench from start to finish.  Working from the customers requested design, he begins with a piece of wax and meticulously creates a prototype, using an array of tools.  Next the customer approves the wax prototype and he uses the 'lost wax casting method' to cast it in the customers metal of choice.  Then, the piece is cleaned up, stones are set , and the perfecting details are finalized.

Brian is one of the only jewelers in Pittsburgh who does everything from concept to final product. Brian has been making wax molds for various jewelers around town so you may already have a piece that his hands have touched.  Brian is part chemist, part metallurgist, part engineer and all artist.

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